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A list of things you'll Need

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

A few of you have been asking me for a list of things you'll need. THIS LIBRARY WILL BE CONSISTENTLY UPDATED

Most of theses items can be found on Amazon. These are merely my recommendations. If you happen to find a cheaper alternative I have no issues with that. Keeping in mind quality of the supplements we are ingesting.

Vitamins and minerals and other Supplements:

Other Items of Interest

  • Air Fryer/Pressure cooker - $180 - not a necessity but will change your life and is Highly recommended.

  • Food Scale - $30 - weighing food. Highly recommended item

  • Phone Stand - $22 - video analysis, progress shots. Highly recommended item

  • Lifting Shoes - $35-50 - these will change the way you lift and think about lifting. Highly recommended.

  • Asics wrestling shoe - $85- a nice minimalist shoe.

  • A journal - $10 - Small but lethal tool. Highly Recommended

  • Tupperware - $35 - So you are never caught without your meals

  • Black Backdrop -$22 - not a necessity but if you have a cluttered backdrop for your checkin shots you're going to want this

  • Blender - $90 - Chunks not welcome

  • Shaker bottle $10 - I don't think I need to go into this one

  • Step Counter - $25 - a small but lethal tool. It beats a phone and watch because they don't die on you and will always be on you.

* I have no affiliate links with any of these supplements or other items of interest. These items aren't mandatory but will make your journey a hell of a lot easier. You can also get any variation of these items if they interest you!

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