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The Breathing Drill You Need

Feeling a little tense? Brain scattered? Maybe you're looking to relax and be more present. This breathing drill will help your mind take a step back as you focus on the tempo of your breath. You should feel more in tune with your body and mind, relaxed and level headed afterward.

Know The 4 phases of Breathing

  1. The inhale

  2. Holding the breathe with filled lungs

  3. The exhale

  4. Holding the exhale with empty lungs

All you need to do is control the tempo for each phase. Be mindful of the tempo as you breathe, you may find your mind wanders and you lose track of the tempo just relax and hop back in the saddle. You may use any number you’d like. I am using 4 seconds as my tempo in the example below.


Start by relaxing in a seated or laying position. Get comfy.

Take a few deep breathes in and out. Look to inhale more air each time than the last. Practice exhaling everything you've got. Use those lungs!

Now practice holding the inhales and exhales. Inhale and hold…..exhale and hold….You have total control over your breath.

No shallow Breathing!

Nice job. Now we'll put it all together

Putting it all Together

Take a deep breathe in for 4 seconds. Hold onto the top of the breathe and do not exhale until you have counted to 4. Exhale for 4 seconds and then hold the exhale. Do not inhale until 4 seconds have gone by. Repeat this process 4 more times.

Like I said before, you can choose whatever number you’d like. Just make sure you can adhere to the tempo. You can also take as many breathes as you’d like. The more the merrier.

Some Tips

Be grateful for the fact that you are here right now. Be grateful for the fact that you have a second or two to breathe. To feel the air fill your lungs. I think you get the point. Enjoy this. Don't fight it.

Use this time to think of proud moments in your life, happy moments, peaceful moments. This will prove challenging for those with a busy mind.

Start with a lower number between 2-4 seconds to tempo yourself to. As you get better at this aim for 6-10 second tempos.

Thanks for reading! Please leave your feedback in the comment section, tell a friend who you think this might help and or leave a like!

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