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Overcoming Gravity

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

The most pushback you'll experience starting your goals will be in the very beginning

It takes a spaceship 239,000 miles to get to the moon. Where is the most gas used during its trip?

ANSWER: The first 300 miles. After it breaks the atmosphere it will no longer be exposed to gravity and doesn't nee

The moral of the story here is that The Beginning Is Always A Challenge Hard. It takes a certain amount of hootspa to overcome the initial gravity of your goals. Once you've instilled the proper diet, training and lifestyle habits your goal will become as easy as executing.

How many brilliant ideas, larger than life goals or “impossible” dreams have you had that you never put forth into action because they seemed “too big to tackle” or “too hard to start” Thoughts and dreams that never became anything. Pulled back down to earth to crash and burn. It is easy to get discouraged at the launch pad. You have a long way to go to the moon. Now we know that the hardest part is overcoming gravity. The first .01% of the mission. After this the rest of the trip is “smooth sailing”**.

All I ask of you from this little blog is that you not give up on your goals immediately. That you take the extra step in overcoming this stage and put your goals into action and not give up on them. You will realize that things get easier once you overcome the initial gravity of your situation. Eventually you will travel farther than you thought possible, maybe making it to the moon someday. 239,000 miles away.

**We will always end up finding knew hills to conquer, bigger ponds to grow into. The push never ends!

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