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Dieting Pillars

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Figuring out the general foundation for a proper diet can be cumbersome. Let this blog answer some of the questions you may have revolved around eating and preparing your meals.

Meal Approach 101

1. Calories are king. If you are trying to lose, gain or maintain your weight you will need to respect the laws of energy balance. Over consume calories and your body will have nothing else to do but store those excess calories (as fat). Under consume calories and your body will lose weight expending more energy than it was able to store.

2. Protein at every meal. Serving sizes should be no less than 25g of protein per meal. Every meal should be looked at as an opportunity to recover from the hard work you put in working out.

3. At least 1 cup of either Fruit or veg at every meal.

4. Adjust your carbohydrates based on your goals to either maintain, mass or cut.

5. Never consume less than 30 grams of fat a day to maintain proper hormone production/function.

6. Space meals 2-3 hours apart to allow your gut time to absorb and clear out the meals.

7. Drink water throughout the day. Do not let yourself get thirsty. Do not overhydrate.

8. EAT REAL FOOD. If it ran, swan, flew or grew on this earth it is most likely okay to eat. (Please do not use this as an excuse to eat everything in sight...make sure it isn't poisonous first).

9. Avoid bagged, boxed and processed/refined foods when you can.

10. Salt your meals. Do not be afraid of salt. As an athlete you will be using and sweating out all sorts of minerals so making sure your meals are properly salted should improve performance.

Keep in mind these are my suggestions, always consult your local physician before implementing any of these tips to help you make approaching your meals easier. If these tips helped, feel free to like the blog and share it with whoever you think may benefit.

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