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21 Days to Stronger: Less Sets, More Gains


In the realm of fitness, more isn't always better. It's a common misconception that increasing workout volume leads to better results. However, this approach often leads to 'too much of nothing.' In this post, I'll share my proven strategy for getting stronger in just 21 days, a method I've successfully used with all my clients to achieve sustainable gains.

The Concept:

  1. Junk Volume: Excess sets and reps that lack intensity. This volume will fail to drive the adaptations you want because the stimulus was not strong enough. This volume will accrue fatigue taking away from your ability to work harder. 

  2. Reduce Volume: Cut down to just 2 sets. If you're not tired after these, you're not bringing enough intensity. By week 3, as intensity increases, the idea of a third set should feel daunting.

  3. Maximize Intensity: Each set should be taken to true failure. Analyze your training; if you're stopping with reps left in the tank, push harder.

  4. Progressive Overload: Aim to increase your reps by 1-2 each week. For example, moving from 135x8 to 135x10 shows progress.

  5. Utilize Rep Ranges: This strategy helps dictate when to increase load. For instance, if you're working within an 8-12 rep range and surpass 12 reps, it's time to increase the weight slightly in your next session.

The 3-Week Guarantee:

Why 21 days? The program is structured as follows:

1. Week 1 - Troubleshooting: We'll find the proper loads for your workouts.

2. Week 2 - Adjustment: Based on the first week, we'll fine-tune the weights.

3. Week 3 - Progression: You'll start seeing real strength improvements. Continue this progress until you've made crazy gains.


Adopting this approach will revolutionize your training mindset. By focusing on intensity and smart volume, you'll see significant gains in a short period. Remember, it's not about how much you do, but how well you do it.

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